Tuesday 29 October 2013/2nd Conference Day
13.30   Introduction: Roland Posner
    Panel IV
14.00   Anastasia A. Shunkina
    Siberian University Websites Through the Eyes of
    a Foreign Audience. Cross-cultural Aspects
14.20   Natalia A. Suchkova
    The Visual Ecology of Internet Space.
    Semiotic and Psychological Aspects
14.40   Dina I. Spicheva
    Image Communication in Virtual Reality Culture
15.00   Discussion
15.30   Coffee break
    Panel V
16.00   Antonino Benincasa
16.30   Claus Schlaberg
    Architecture and Its Place in Nature
17.00   Coffee break
    Panel VI
18.30   Irina V. Guzhova
    The Old Siberian Town in New
    Media. In Search of Cultural Codes
19.00   Tom Steinert
    Some Conjectures on the Interdependence of
    Architecture and Design
19.30   Discussion
20.00   Dinner



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