Theory of Perception · Visual Communication

Places and Cyberspace as Media and
Stages of Social Life

Rainer Schönhammer

What makes life between walls and buildings «social life»? How fundamental traits of togetherness in physical places differ from socializing in cyberspace? How is the experience of private and public places (possibly) modified for those who inhabit social networks? – Reflections in a framework of the psychology of ambient perception and the phenomenology of dwelling and voyaging.

Biographical Notes
Rainer Schönhammer (Prof. Dr.) teaches Psychology at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle/Saale. He published on mobility, media, perception and states of consciousness, including authored books on the walkman (1988), the experience of means/ways of transportation (1991,1995) and intense dreams (2004). He is author of an introduction to perception (2009) and editor of a book about the role of the sense of balance in material culture and aesthetics (2009). For more information about the German books as well as for links to free accessible papers both in German and in English, please see: html.




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