Social Media

The Visual Ecology of Internet Space.
Semiotic and Psychological Aspects

Natalia A. Suchkova

An Individual of the Network Society has to live simultaneously in two worlds: the real and the virtual. At first glance, each of them develops according its own laws. But if we take a closer look, we will see that they are brought together by similar problems. One of these problems is an unfavorable environment for a human being. In the first case, people are increasingly becoming victims of air and water pollution, in the second – of the ‹unnatural› visual ecology. This ‹unnatural› ecology may have both culture (mismatch of visual and cultural codes) and psychological nature (intolerance to certain color combinations, etc.).

Certainly, the problem of the visual ecology is related not only to the Internet space. However, in the real world the nature itself has taken care of a person and lets him take a break from visual objects which cause him irritation or depression. A person can focus on contemplation of the beautiful scenery and landscapes, when it is necessary. On the Internet the possibility of such ‹switch› may not occur, for example, if a person must work with the same electronic resource as a ‹visual allergen› for a long time.

The purpose of this report is to analyze the theories and concepts of Russian and foreign scientists, which, according to the author, are useful in solving the problem of the visual ecology in the Internet space. Methodological resources of these theories and concepts are considered on the examples of ‹virtual› design and architecture.

Biographical Notes
4th year student, Faculty of Psychology, National Research Tomsk State University (TSU), Major in Advertising. Interests related to future professional activity: integrated marketing communications in social media; new media; basics of management and promotion of corporate social media accounts; news online journalism; visual ecology of virtual space.



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