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Semiotics of Communicative Space on the Runet

Marina N. Bychkova

Case Study on the Promotion of Siberian Regional Brands in the Network

Nowadays when ‹post-non-classical› (G. Haken, I. Prigozhin, V. Stepin, etc.) picture of the world is going through a stage of its terminological, ontological and other kind of forming the interpretation of the concept ‹space› is becoming one of the most fascinating and debatable. It is currently interesting for philosophers, sociologists, semiotics, psycho logists, architects as well as advertising and public relations specialists. ‹Talking space› by U. Eco, the ‹space of an arbitrary value› by E. Für, the ‹space of the information society› by M. Castells – give food for thought for professionals whose primary goal is to create an ‹optimal communicative space› (M. Shishkina) of social subjects as brand bearers. The author of this report believes that the creation and promotion of a modern company digital brand, a territory or a person can be only if the corresponding illustrations and electronic texts as ‹machines of senses› (V. Kiselev) are aimed at the development of really information-intensive, compelling, creative and free communicative space around these subjects on the Internet.

An attempt to make the semiotic analysis of such a space (identification of its principles, codes, structure) by the example of three Siberian brands – Lake Baikal, the trademark ‹Kruger› and Tomsk sculptor and actor Leonty Usov is the main objective of the report.

Biographical Notes
Specialist in the field of PR and advertising; Senior lecturer, Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Psychology of the National Research Tomsk State University (TSU); a member of the organizing committee of the international theoretical and practical conference «Connect Universum»; an affiliate member of the Russian Association of Public Relations, Siberian branch; a member of the Russian Journalists Union.



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