Architecture and Its Place in Nature

Claus Schlaberg

Pieces of architecture are distinguished from mere tools by secondary functions. Secondary functions correspond to the semiotic character of architecture presupposed that being a sign mainly consists in being intended to have certain effects on recipients. As far as pieces of architecture are concerned these intended effects are ways it is for recipients to perceive them.

Biographical Notes
Ph. D. in semiotics (2011, with a work in pictorial semiotics, offering explications of basic concepts, introducing the concept of manipulative images as relevant especially to fine arts, advisers: Roland Posner and Klaus Robering). Educated as a teacher in primary and in secondary schools at the Berlin Institute of Technology. Currently working as an assistant of handicapped children in school. Offering guided tours in Otto Haesler’s housing estates Georgsgarten and Blumläger Feld in Celle.




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